9.Oil Painting Abstract Picture Collection


Oil painting "Thinking painting by abstract painting" The history of the world's most new art was born.
Of course, I am expressing it by adding the missing theory to Picasso's paintings.
It is a work drawn by the philosopher's theory and the essence of neutrino.
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キリスト教大聖堂 F15号  と  F30号

Christian Cathedral                       





 バイオリンを奏でるF30号 Playing the violin F30                  ゴルファーF30号  Golfer F30





    キリストの処刑 Execution of Christ               聖母マリヤと子供たちExecution of Christ


    Clock (red) F15                  Clock (blue) F15
     Heure (rouge) F15                Horloge (bleue) F15
     置時計(赤)F15                     置時計(青)F15




   Maritime office (red) F15            Maritime office (blue) F10
    Maritime Office(Rouge) F15            Maritime Office (Bleu) F10
    海運事務所(赤)F15              海運事務所(青)F10


Multi-universe playing the violin F120 Multi-universe playing the violinP10
多宇宙~バイオリンを奏でる 多宇宙~バイオリンを奏でる


  多宇宙~頭部P12ごう               多宇宙~頭部F10号
  Multi-universe ~head P12             Multi-universe ~head P12
  Multi Space ~la tête P12              Multi Space ~la tête P12    

 多宇宙~頭部F15号          Multi-universe ~head F15                            時熟~夫婦F20号

                        Time Mature ~ Couple F 20 




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