1.The idea of artist Shimada Isamu 

① From the research of art theory,
② to nurture life
③ way of thinking as an artist
④ Use handmade canvas to

① From the research of art theory, as an artist, I felt the necessity to
aim for a grand ambition. It was to aim for "the birth of a new art

② to nurture life ~ absence of ego and logical pursuit. .
Professor Makoto Terao of Keio University, "Learning system
theory in art expression,"" Control by value "and" control by value
"in mind. Human creative activities - logical grasp and expression,
system theory of social behavior - acts that we hope to create a
joint understanding with others, the severity of training is important.

③ way of thinking as an artist
It must be useful work, works of things that can not be bored.
Learn the foundation of painting firmly and create universal
works. ~ In the current canvas even a famous person's work
always cracks in 4 to 50 years. In order to prevent it it wa
s necessary to produce a canvas that emphasized the durability
of Western European masters, Rembrandt,

④ Use handmade canvas to prevent cracking and to maintain durability.
Put the hemp on the plywood board. Apply glue. Make a base
with aqueous acrylic, and apply glue. Coat the finish and dry
for 6 months to 1 year before use.

For nonphilosophical people, those not interested in thinking, and those who like stimulation or stimulation
Do not touch as much as possible. (Nietzsche) Person who is interested in thinking only with visual sensitivity
Do not intersect. (Sartre)